A letter from Swedish artists and cultural workers to our courageous colleagues in Iran!

A letter from Swedish artists and cultural workers to our courageous colleagues in Iran, and every brave protester risking your lives fighting for justice and equality!

We see that there is a feminist revolution going on in Iran right now. The courageous cries are heard all the way here. For every injury inflicted on your bodies, we feel a wound in ours. We see you. We celebrate your struggle – a struggle that is also ours.

Following the brutal death of Jina/Mahsa Amini hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Iran. These protesters defying laws that limit everything from clothing to the rights to speak, write and create freely. We follow these historic protests that seek to put an end to 43 years of tyranny and gender oppression. We follow you as you burn your scarves and cut your hair in public spaces, even when the presence of any visible hair in the public is met with brutal or even lethal punishments.

We see that you are defying the regime’s security forces. We see that you are risking everything, even your breath. We see that some of you have paid with your blood. And we say your names:  Hadis, Ghazale, Behnam, Danesh, Hananeh, Reza, Farvad, Minu, Yasin and so many more with you.

It is in honor of you who – with infinite courage, take responsibility for freedom – that we write this letter. You – who, not only now but in all these years of oppression, have continued to express yourself despite restrictions. You – who fought for freedom of expression and justice. We are artists and cultural workers (many of us with our roots in the same streets you’re now taking back) who want to cry out that you have our support. We support you. In your struggle lies our struggle and our infinite gratitude. We spread your words, cherish your cries. We use them as our fuel when we demand that our governments act.

No one is free, until everyone is free. Thank you!

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